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Underground Drainage in Florida


Underground drainage handles excess water generated by seasonal storms and severe weather. Without a good drainage system in place, your yard and home could be at risk for flooding, leading to damaged landscaping and foundation deterioration. At Precision Gutters LLC , we specialize in Storm drains, French drains and waterproofing serving Florida to ensure your home and your yard are comfortable, safe and clean. 


Underground Drainage

Signs You Can Benefit from Underground Drainage


The right drainage system will serve your yard and your home funneling storm water away from your property. If you've noticed any of the signs that you may need better drainage in your yard, contact a storm water management company for further evaluation. 

  • Standing water that last for several hours after a rainfall is a common sign that additional drainage is needed on your property. The next time it rains, take a walk around your tard to check for puddle or other signs of standing water that might indicate poor drainage. 

  • Even if you don't typically notice standing water in your yard, the close proximity of a natural water source, such as a pond, creek, stream, river or wetland area, can put your home at risk for flooding, particularly during prolonged rainy weather. Adding storm drains can help you prevent the damage to your yard and your home that unexpected flooding can cause. 

  • If you plan to add significant hardscaping to your property, such as walkways, pool decking or large patio, its a good idea to evaluate how adding concrete or brick will affect your yards drainage. Installing a storm drain can offset any loss in natural drainage that may occur after construction. 

  • The best way to find out if existing buried downspout drain lines are working properly is to walk around your house during a heavy rain storm. Lines buried more that 10 years are more likely to be partially clogged or compromised and are in need of replacing. 

Water Solutions You Can Trust


If you have a problem with keeping the water off your house when it is raining, then our team at Precision Gutters LLC can help! We can install and repair all your storm drain needs. You will receive a personalized inspection of the problem during your free consultation. This enable us to figure out what exactly is causing the issue. Then we can find a way to fix it in the time-worthy manner and keep the cost affordable and practical.

There are several ways a new storm drain can fix your water problems, such as:

  • Drawing water away form your house walls

  • Keeping your yard from flooding 

  • Preventing backup of other drainage pipes around your home


Why It's Best to Leave Underground Drains to the Professionals


Installing a storm drain in Florida takes experience and skill, your waterproofing contractors will develop the best drainage system to meet your needs both short and long term use. You can find out more about Precision Gutters LLC advanced drainage systems by calling 407-203-1144.

  • Your storm drain should be designed to meet your property unique needs. The size and type of storm drain that is best for you will depend on several factors, which your storm water management company will take into account before installation (4" vs. 6", smooth vs. corrugated pipes).

  • Proper drainage requires the right placement to successfully funnel water away from your home. Even a perfectly-designed storm drain located in the wrong area of your tard will leave your property ay risk for flooding.

  • If you are concerned about how a storm drain will affect the curb appeal of your property, a professional contractor can help you construct an effective drainage system that will meet your needs and maintain the appearance of your yard. 

At Precision Gutters LLC , we send the same person to do the estimates and head up all the work. This helps eliminate any confusion. Our customers also appreciate the quick response time this allows, from when we write the estimate until we finish the job. Contact us at 407-203-1144 to request a free estimate. 


Pipe Installation


The proper grade, fall or slope for pipe placement is critical. Any reversal or dips in the grade will greatly reduce the life and effectiveness of the drain system. The pipe should have a continuous downhill fall over the entire length of the drain line. Pipe should drop 2.5 inches every 10 feet which amounts to .25 inch's for every foot. We optimize our drainage solutions regardless of the existing grade. 


Catch Basin


Drainage systems need a method to collect and concentrate water to a pipe system. Catch basins allow pipes coming from different directions and elevations to converge at specific locations. They collect surface water then it goes into the pipe. 


French Drain


A French drain, sometimes known as drain tile, is a trench covered with gravel or rock that redirects groundwater away from an area. It is primarily used to prevent ground water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. French drains also keep soggy grounds and wet weather springs dry. French drains are also used behind retaining walls or relieve ground water pressure. 


Multi Flow


Multi-Flow (or strip drain) is an excellent drainage system that Precision Gutters LLC masterfully installs. Architects and developers recommend Multi-Flow because of minimal land disturbance and is installed close to the surface. It can with stand heavy loads in excess of 6,000 psf. Multi-Flow is not going to collapse due to heavy surface loads in shallow installations. The best solution if you have a soggy ground. 


Channel Drain


Channel drain (sometimes known as trench drain) is a specific type of floor drain containing a channel-shaped body. Trench drains are characterized by its's long length and narrow width . It is used for the rapid evacuation of surface water. This drain is commonly made of concrete casted with a removable core incased polycast liner or plastic liner. 


Dry Creek Bed


A dry creek bed is an opportunity to bring in nature and a water feature into your landscape design. At the same time, control and manage storm water. It provides drainage during unusually heavy rains and eliminates ponding. They can also be used to minimize washing and erosion on slopes and banks. Dry creek beds is recommended for properties with excess water flows which causes erosion. 


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