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Why the Soffit & Fascia Are Crucial Components of Your Roof

Soffit and fascia give a home’s exterior a finished look, but their benefits extend far beyond visual appeal. Both components safeguard your home from structural damage. They keep pests out and prevent moisture buildup that can result in mold growth and rotting rafters and sheathing. Additionally, soffits cycle heat and moisture out of the attic, promoting better ventilation and air circulation. 

How to Tell if Your Soffit & Fascia Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced 

Damaged or deteriorating soffit and fascia should be inspected by a professional right away to determine the best solution. If these elements are unable to do their job properly, the stability of your roof will be compromised. Your soffit and fascia may need to be repaired or completely replaced if you notice peeling or flaking paint, evidence of rot, or the presence of a pest infestation in your roof. 


Soffit and fascia both protect your home and improve your roof’s appearance. Whether you are designing a new installation or the soffit and fascia on your current roofing system need repair or replacement, the professionals at Precision Gutters can help.We  have provided residents throughout Florida with superior workmanship and customer service. We take pride in using high-quality products that will enhance the curb appeal of any property. Call (407)203-1144 to inquire about a job estimate.

Soffit Sizes, Style and Materials

  • 12" and 16"

  • Vented and Non- Vented 

  • Vinyl and Aluminum 

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